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A screen-free experience! 
Slow and meditative activity

Small class sizes

Next 6-bundle session starts Apr 7
(no class Apr 14 or 21)

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"Juliette's class was a warm and nurturing environment for my daughter's creative exploration. Her sense of pride in her self portrait was wonderful to witness! " - C. Calderwood

For Kids who Love to Draw!

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What do kids get?

- A sketchbook

- A portfolio for their work

- Artists' top secrets of drawing

- Drawing games

- Use of best quality, safe materials

- A screen-free experience  

- Personalized instruction

- A low risk way to build courage

- A peaceful, meditative activity - Cool artwork to keep, frame, or give as gifts

- The stress relief, pride, self regulation, and self containment that art making can bring


What happens in Just Drawing for Kids Classes?

Here, kids age 7-12: 


- Draw from life

- Draw from imagination

- Use shading

- Add details

- Use high quality, safe materials

- See like an artist

- Make empowering decisions

- Interpret and process the world around them

- Develop their abilities and their drawings

- Process experiences thru self expression

- Slow down and introspect

- Feel proud of the cool art they make!


Who is Juliette?

Juliette is a mom and award winning illustrator who has lived in Brooklyn for 20 years. She has created images for The New Yorker, Time, The New York Times, Oprah, Penguin books, and many others. She has been an educator of children as well as on the college level, for a decade combined. Her guided drawing exercises have been called "surprisingly relaxing."


90-minute lessons!

Kids relax and engage deeply

with their process

6-lesson bundles

$385 for a 6-lesson bundle

Small class sizes!

Face to face interactions

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Let us know your preferred class time. We will confirm, and send you payment instructions


Contact/ Ask a Question

403 Union St, Brooklyn NY 11231

F/G line to Carroll St 


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